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  • Standard Vinyl
  • 2"H



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DOT Compliant
Our registration lettering is compliant with federal regulations. Please check your state’s registration laws before ordering to make sure you are in compliance.
Several Colors Available
We have several colors available for your US DOT registration lettering. With all the color options available, you will be able to create highly visible registration letters.
Easy Peel And Stick Lettering
Keep your registration lettering installation as simple as possible by ordering our registration letters. Quickly install your lettering using our simple peel and stick method.

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Registration Lettering Faqs

Why are there only two fonts available for my registration lettering?
The US DOT requires that registration lettering be big and bold. These two fonts are block-style letters and fit this description perfectly. This way you know you will always be in compliance.
Will I have to pay any additional fees when I order my registration lettering?
The only fee that is required by will be the total price given to you when you complete your order.
How will my registration letters be applied to my vehicle?
Our registration letters are applied to any vehicle by removing the paper backing and pressing the vinyl lettering firmly on to the surface. This allows the adhesive to settle in and keep the lettering in place.
Will the adhesive damage my vehicle if I remove the registration lettering?
Not at all. Just remember to be very careful and take your time when removing your lettering. We also sell vinyl removers and adhesive removers that make the job easier.
Do you sell your registration lettering in sets of two?
We sure do! The US DOT requires you to have your registration on both sides of your vehicle. If you would like to order more than one you can specify the quantity you would like.
How can I tell what my registration lettering will look like on my vehicle?
The easiest way to preview what your lettering design will look like is to use our online design tool. You can change the surface color to mimic you vehicle color and get started with your registration lettering design.

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  • Standard Vinyl
  • 2"H
  • Set of 2


Material Vinyl

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