A Grand Opening

Street banners can be used in several different ways to generate buzz on a new business opening in the area. In fact, many businesses are devoting more of their advertising budgets to this method of advertising. You'll be able to draw more customers to your business with this simple and cost effective method. Here is an example of how a new business can use a street banner to generate interest in their grand opening.

This established store is opening a brand new location in the downtown area of a large town. The store specializes in bath and body products and is located near several specialty stores. This location is perfect for the store and will allow them to tailor their street banner campaign.

Since the main theme of the store is relaxation and pampering, this will be used in the banner. Soothing colors and graphics will be used that will create a feeling of calm in the viewer. Although this is a grand opening, which usually requires the use of vibrant colors, this company has decided to stick with their natural color scheme. This should not be a problem, given the location of the business and their already well-known products.

A light sage green will be used for the background of the banner. This color of green has been psychologically proven to induce a feeling of calm when it is viewed. By using solid science with good design principles, the store can create a banner that will appeal to customers on several levels.

As we mentioned earlier, this store is established in other places in town and their brand and products are well known. This means that they should include these products on their sign. This will assist previous customers in associating the new location with their old favorite and will increase return customers.

The products that have been selected for the banner are the store's best selling items. Bath salts, lotion and a new cream will be displayed prominently on the banner, in full-color. By going with a full color design, the store can make their graphics look as professional as possible, which is very important.

The text color for the banner will be in yellow. This color will stand out well from the light background and uses the psychological science behind the color yellow, which creates excitement in the viewer. This excitement means that more people will be drawn to read the banner which is very important for a grand opening. Although these two emotions that are evoked by these colors are contrary to one another in theory, they work well in the overall design.

This banner will be displayed outside of the store, across the front window. Since there is no overhang at this location, the store will not need to worry about a shadow obscuring their banner. In the event that a location does have an overhang, a banner should instead be hung where it will not be partially hidden.