Decorating Your Kid's Room with

There are so many ways to capture the personality of your kids by the way you decorate their room. One thing you can do to give them the children's room decor that every other kid on the block will be envious of is to have signs and message decorations that can't be purchased at a retail store.

Here are some ideas. Go to the OSHA sign section and use our Online Design tools to help you make an appropriately official looking sign. "Danger Tommy's Room Keep Out", "Warning: Natural Gas", "Warning: Johnny's War Zone"; these are just a few ideas especially suited for the kid's bedroom door.

For the walls on the interior of your child's room, the possibilities are literally endless for the creative mind. If the room is themed after superheroes, music, guys, girls, cowboys, sailing, racecars etc., you can use our Online Lettering tool and come up with phrases and sayings that add to the d'cor.

Here are some ideas:

  • Cheerleaders have SPIRIT
  • Boogadie, Boogadie, Boogadie
  • Gentlemen, Start Your Engines
  • Silly Boys, Trucks are For Girls
  • Never Squat With Your Spurs On-try a Western Font-Playbill is a popular font.
  • Sweet Dreams, Sleep Tight, We Love You, Good Night
  • Fly With the Angels, Dance With the Stars
  • Dreams are the Windows to the World
  • We Can't All be Stars, But We Can All Twinkle
  • Shhh....Baby's Dreaming
  • The Angels Danced the Day You Were Born

We have hundreds of fonts to choose from, one that is sure to match your decor. One of our most popular fonts is the Vivaldi font, or try one of our Western fonts (Playbill is popular) for a cowboy or cowgirl theme.

You could also do something sentimental like adding a picture of your little girl on a sign and have the caption read "Daddy's Little Princess Lives Here". At the bottom you can personalize it with her name.

Small, themed banners with messages are great for wall coverings. This would work well for a construction theme, a rock band theme? The banner can be hung at any angle or vertically to give it a more dramatic effect. With the Online Design tool, you can just have clip-art and text, or you could also add your own hi-resolution picture (or photo of your child) to make it even more personalized.

SpeedySigns also has a great selection of clipart. There are images of everything from dancing elephants to posing muscle guys. If you go to the decal section, you can use any of these images as ways to enhance the look of the room.

The bumper sticker with your favorite or made up saying on it, can be a great addition to a kid's room. There are also hundreds of specialty items in the store. There are clocks that you put a photo on. There are picture frames that you can engrave a phrase on to. There are door hangers, pendants, teddy bears, keepsake boxes, cell phone caddies & all kinds of items that can be made into something special using our Online Design tools and your ingenuity.

So go ahead, do something different. Put a piece of yourself - of your kid's personality into the room decorations. These things will end up being conversation topics for all who see them. And most of all, have FUN with it!