7 Ways to Design for Success

When designing a new product specific banner, it is important to take your time, following specific design rules to ensure that you will have the best result. Here are a few helpful design tips for your promotional banner.

Design Tip #1

Go all out. When you are designing a banner that is intended to promote one specific product, you are allocating more of your resources for this one product. As such, you will need to make sure that you pour a lot of effort into your design to make it as attractive as possible.

Design Tip #2

Go for a full color design. A promotional banner is more effective when it is in full color. This allows you to use glossy photos that can correctly portray your product and showcase it in the best light. This is particularly important if your product does not look good in a monochromatic color scheme, or in line art.

Design Tip #3

Use the majority of your space. When you are promoting a new product with a banner, try to use a photo that is large, and will take up the majority of the banner. This picture or graphic should be centered on the banner but still allow enough space for a promotional message or extra information.

Design Tip #4

Make it bold. Your banner should stand out. Don't be afraid to use vibrant colors or large text. This will help you catch a customer's eye and will attract more attention to the banner. This ties in with our first tip. Going for a bold effect generally means that you are making a statement with your product and it gives the customer an overall good impression of your sign.

Design Tip #5

Create a catchy message. If the image of your product can't sell itself, you will need to include a marketing phrase, slogan or information on your sign. When you write your copy, make sure that it is short, to the point and easy to remember. This can help create a mental note in a customer's mind that is easily recalled.

Some examples of this would include the classic Wendy's commercial, "Where's the Beef." People still remember this slogan today and it immediately calls to mind a Wendy's hamburger.

Design Tip #6

Say it with less. While your message should be catchy, don't get too verbose. Write your first draft and then find the words that are not essential to the sentence. Go through your draft a few more times until you have created a message that is short and to the point.

Design Tip #7

Your sign is a reflection on your company. Never forget that a sign can quickly be associated with a company. Make sure that your sign presents your company in the best possible light and creates a memory in the customer's mind that is pleasant. Don't use overly garish or loud designs, or images that will offend someone. Keep it simple, keep it bright and keep it professional.