Back to School Sales

One of the busiest times of the year for many retailers is the back to school season. This is a great time to design a banner that will attract more customers to your store and your merchandise. By designing an attractive banner that stands out, you can be assured that your back to school sale will be a success.

Here is an example of how a retail store can use a back to school banner, from the initial design stage to the actual display to increase their sales.

Our sample store sells many different items, from clothing to supplies and shoes. This type of store can do very well during the back to school rush, since it is easier for customers to purchase everything they need at one store. However, this store will have to make this point clear on their banner to attract the most attention.

Keeping this in mind, the graphics that will need to be used on the banner will have to be carefully considered. They should represent the actual products that are for sale in the store. For example, jeans, shirts, notebooks and pencils could be used to support the main message of the banner.

Once the graphics have been selected, the main message should be written. Again, keeping in mind that the point of the banner is to let people know that they can get all of their supplies in one place, the message should contain this information. Our sample store decides to use the phrase "All Back to School Supplies 25%" as the center message, with an additional phrase, "Get All of Your Supplies Under One Roof" above this main message.

Now that the store knows what the sign will say, it is time to select the colors that will be used on the sign. Since this is a back to school sale, primary colors that are bright and vibrant should be used. That means that yellow, blue and red should be featured heavily throughout the sign. The background color should be easy to read off of, but still eye-catching. In this case, a yellow background will be used. The main text message will be displayed in blue, with the secondary message in red.

The graphics should also follow this color scheme, particularly if they are line art graphics. Green and other bright colors can be brought into the overall color scheme to make the finished product pleasing to the eye. It is important to avoid an overuse of color however, as this will create a visual disturbance.

Now that the banner's design is complete, it is time for the store to decide where they will hang their new creation. Their location is in a business area, but they do not have any close competitors or neighbors. This gives the store a few more options for the display of their banner. In order to attract the most attention, and because the store is set back from the sidewalk, the banner will be hung over the entrance, on the existing overhang. This will ensure that people walking and driving by will easily be able to see the banner.