Band Banners on a Budget

Whether you have a school marching band that needs a banner, or your band is a weekend effort among friends, chances are, your promotional budget is going to be tight. However, there are many different ways that you can get the most out of your promotional efforts without breaking the bank. Here are some helpful tips to help you keep your banners under budget.

1. Embrace simplicity. Full color banners with a lot of different details will naturally cost more than a simple two or three color banner. You will need to decide if a full color banner is absolutely necessary and if not, you can start shaving extra costs from your banner right away. With some creative design, you can make a two color banner very attractive, and still come in under budget.

2. Cut down your wording. If your sign is full of extra wording, the set-up and design process is going to be more complicated and more expensive. Try saying it with less so that you can save money on this important aspect of your banner.

3. Design it yourself. Instead of hiring a designer to create your banner, try giving it a shot on your own. There are many different computer programs that allow even rank beginners the ability to create a well designed banner. Give it a shot at first, and if you think you are in over your head, then go to a professional. Chances are, youll do just fine on your own.

4. Leave out the graphics. A simple banner that only contains text will be more cost effective than a banner that is filled with cute graphics. If you are truly on a budget, a plain banner may be your best bet. While graphics do enhance the overall appeal of your sign, they are not always absolutely necessary. Try designing a banner with and without graphics to see which one will work best before making your final decision.

5. Find a sponsor. In the event that your sign is just too expensive, you may want to consider finding a sponsor for your band. Typically, bands can find local businesses to sponsor their efforts, in exchange for advertising space on a banner. This advertising will usually consist of a logo or a text message that can be tastefully displayed on the banner.

Sponsors can be helpful in many ways to bands, and not just for extra advertising money. If you don't have a sponsor, you may want to consider approaching your local businesses to see if they are interested. Your banner can then go to work for you in more ways than one, and will end up paying for itself.

These are just a few ideas on how you can save money when designing your banner. Each band may have different needs, but with some careful consideration and planning, it is quite easy to slash your design budget and still end up with a quality banner to promote your band.