Banner Ideas for Churches

There many different ways that a church can utilize a banner. From announcing a special event, to an everyday informational sign, a banner can be a cost effective way to purchase a necessary sign.

Here are a few ideas of how banners, both small and large, can be used at a church.

Banner Idea #1 - Service times. If your church has set service times, a small banner displayed in a banner stand can be very useful. This type of banner can be easily moved around when it is not in use, and brought back outside when it is needed. Service times can easily displayed on a permanent banner, saving time and expense in creating temporary signs.

Banner Idea #2 - Special Events. If your church has a special event coming up, such as a bake sale or a fund-raiser, a small or large banner would work well for this use. This type of can be used year after year, if the information displayed on the banner is general in nature. A simple message about when and where the event will take place can be displayed on the banner.

If you choose a large banner, it can be hung outside of the church entrance, or on the wall of a room inside the church. Small banners can be displayed using banner stands, or by a more temporary method of hanging it on a wall.

Banner Idea #3 - Welcoming message. You can use a large banner to welcome your parishioners to your service. This type of banner should be hung either over the entrance to your building, or in the apse area of the church. This is a great way to get your welcoming message across easily, and the banner can be used for many years to come.

Banner Idea #4 - Congratulatory Messages and Announcements. Banners can work well to display a number of congratulatory messages that can be reused. For example, for a wedding service, a banner bearing a message could be displayed in the church hall or at the entrance to the church.

If your church is holding a christening or a baptism, once again, a banner could be used to announce the event. These banners can be general in nature, such as "Baptism Today" along with a Bible quote that is pertinent to the event.

Banner Idea #5 - Picnics and Events Held Outside the Church. If you regularly hold events that take place in another location, a banner will allow you to take your message with you. Whether you need to display the name of your church or another kind of message, the portable nature of a banner means that you'll have a sign that will travel with you for many years to come.

Vinyl banners can be hung indoors or outdoors and the fabric is made to withstand the rigors of the environment.