Banner Installation Techniques

Installation Techniques

Once you have purchased your banner and it has arrived at your location, you will be ready to begin the installation process. As we mentioned in our article on "Finding the Perfect Location for Your Banner," you will need to first focus on where you will hang your banner before you focus on how you will hang it. Once you have found the perfect location, you're ready to move on to the next step.

Your location should not only be visible, but it should provide you with a way to easily affix the banner to its surface. Whether you plan to permanently install your banner or you plan on a temporary installation, this is a very important factor. You will need to make sure that you can either drill holes to fasten the banner, or that there are places to tie off a rope if you plan to use this method for installation.

Here are some helpful tips for correctly installing your banner.

Permanent Installation Technique

This technique will require a solid surface that is acceptable for drilling. If your surface cannot support drilling, you will need to move to our Temporary Installation Technique Below.

Here's what you'll need: One drill, one bit suitable for the surface (ie: masonry bit, wood bit, etc…) screws and washers.

First, line up and measure where you intend to hang your banner. Our banners come with grommets that are spaced exactly two feet apart. Hold the banner in place and mark where the grommets will be. Remove the banner and begin to drill, using your grommet marks as a guide.

Once you have completed all of your holes, you will then need to put the banner back on the surface. It is a good idea to start on one side and work through each grommet until you reach the other end. This will help you keep your banner straight and smooth. Take your first washer and place it over the in the surface you just drilled, behind the banner. Insert your first screw. Repeat this process until the entire banner has been affixed to the surface.

Temporary Installation Technique

This technique is useful if you need to move your banner frequently, or if you cannot find a surface that is appropriate for a permanent installation of your banner.

Here's what you'll need: One rope or cord, Two hooks for tying off the cord. Take your rope and thread it through the grommets before hanging the banner. Leave an equal amount of rope or cord on either end of the banner. Take one side of your banner and firmly tie the cord to your first hook. Repeat with the second hook. You may need to insert a middle support to ensure that your banner hangs correctly using this method.