Banners for Restaurants

If you are running a restaurant, you know how tough the competition can be. It pays to advertise, and the purchase of a banner can add a powerful tool to your marketing arsenal. Banners are a great way to make an affordable statement that can be seen by everyone who passes by your location.

If you would like to use a banner, but you're not sure how to go about it, here is an example of how a hypothetical restaurant can implement one.

First, the restaurant will need to decide what they need to use their banner for. This company needs to promote a seasonal sale on one of their specialties, seafood dishes. In order to maximize their advertising budget, a large banner will be used that will showcase several products.

The banner will be hung on the overhang of the roof over the entrance to the restaurant. This location gives the banner a spot that can be easily seen by people in vehicles and pedestrians. Since the restaurant is located on a busy street with several other food choices, the banner will need to stick out from the crowd.

This will be accomplished through the use of a brightly colored background. Before the choice of color can be made, the pictures that will be shown on the banner will need to be considered. Will they stand out from the background or fade into oblivion. The best color for this particular use is red, and a bright shade is selected.

In order to ensure that people can easily read the banner, a text color of white is chosen. This color will be used for the announcement that all seafood dishes are $9.99. This message should go in the center of the banner to serve as the focal point.

Since it is harder for people in vehicles to see the pictures on the banner, the text will have to serve for the long distance attention getter. Mentioning the price is a great way to accomplish this.

Several pictures of seafood dishes will be used throughout the banner. They will be situated in different angles to one another so that they each stand out. The graphics should be placed so that they do not take away from the text of the banner, but support it.

This means that balance of the sign will need to be observed so that one side of the sign does not appear more crowded than the other.

Once all of the design elements have been pulled together, the restaurant can place their order for the banner and prepare their surface for installation. Brackets will need to be placed on sturdy supports so that the weight of the banner will not pull it down. A rope will be threaded through the grommets and attached to these brackets. Once the sign arrives, the restaurant will be ready to immediately put up their banner and begin their new promotion.