Banners in Action for Conferences

Since there are many uses for conference banners, here is a hypothetical example of how one company could implement this type of banners for their needs. This business will be attending a tech conference and needs to use their banner to promote their newest products.

First, the company will need to make sure how they will be able to display their banner at the conference. The facility has the ability to allow hanging banners, so a large banner will be utilized. The company has decided to select a full color banner to showcase their products to the fullest extent.

The design process can now begin. The main color of the background will be white, so that the images of the products will show clearly. The name of the company will be included in black text in the center of the banner. Now, the company will need to decide which products to place on their banner.

After the text has been added, there is room for four different pictures. Two will be placed on one side of the text and the other two on the opposite side. This will give the banner balance, and prevent one element from overwhelming the other.

The graphics will be placed at an angle, to draw attention to the pictures. The pictures will be large enough to show detail, but small enough to fit well within the banner's frame.

A small message will be placed above the name of the company that will serve as an introduction to the products. This message should contain why the products are special, such as their uses, or how new they are. This text should be in a different color from the company name, but also in a color that can be easily read on a white background.

Once the design phase is completed, the company will be ready to place their order and prepare for their conference. Their promotional material will be designed around their new banner and be used to support the announcement of the new products.

The banner will serve as an attention getter, and the promotional material will serve to provide more in-depth information on the products. These materials can say what your banner cannot and can be used well when they work together.

The company will hang their banner above their booth at the conference. It will be located where the majority of the foot-traffic throughout the venue will be able to see it.

It is important, if possible, for the company to try several different placements to find the one that can be seen from all areas of the venue. If necessary, a mock-up can be used to gauge this placement before the actual banner is hung. This will cut down on the amount of installation work the company needs to do.