The Benefits of Banners for Your Band

If you have a marching band or a concert band, you can greatly benefit from the addition of a banner. This banner can be used both as a promotional tool and as an informational tool. Here are just a few of the benefits of using banners for your band.

Benefit #1 - Recognition. Bands can always benefit from having their name remembered by the public. If you create an eye catching banner, it will be easily spotted and the chances of someone remembering your name are much greater. This is useful for many different kinds of bands, even if it is a simple high school marching band.

Benefit #2 - Portability. A banner can be easily moved and re-hung in a new location, making it perfect for bands that are always on the move or that play in many different locations. You'll have your own custom sign that can travel with you wherever you go.

Benefit #3 - Sponsorship Space. Most bands can benefit from having a sponsor. A banner will normally have enough space to include a logo or a brief message from a sponsor. This space on the banner can be sold to local businesses that are in need of more exposure.

Benefit #4 - Expressing Yourself. You can get creative with your banner, expressing not only yourself, but also your band as an entity. If you have a graphic artist in your band, or someone that is talented with design, this is a great opportunity to create a portable piece of artwork that can serve many purposes for promotion.

Benefit #5 - Getting Your Name Noticed. Getting noticed can be just as important as being remembered. If your band frequently plays in venues that do not include any type of signage for guest bands, listeners may not have any idea who they are listening to.

A portable banner with your name can let them know who you are, creating more opportunities for recognition in the future.

Benefit #6 - Promotional Opportunities. Once you have designed a large banner to promote your band, you can create smaller versions to sell to your fans. This is a great way to create a revenue stream and get free advertising from your listeners.

In addition, if you know a local business owner, or you have another place to display your banner, it can be working for you, even when you are at home. When you're not using your banner, try displaying it somewhere else. This will attract more attention for your band, particularly if you are playing at an upcoming concert, festival or event.

Benefit #7 - Branding. If you carry your band's color scheme onto your banner, you are creating an important part of the branding process. People recognize and associate colors with particular things, places and people. By creating your own brand, you are further increasing your chances of taking advantage of the first benefit mentioned, recognition.