Choosing the Best Sign For Your Needs

We currently offer three different types of signs: aluminum, Aluma Lite and vinyl. Each material has its benefits, and can be utilized in different ways. Here are some helpful tips to assist you in selecting the right material for your new sign.

Solution #1 - Temporary Signage Needs. If you need a temporary sign solution, a vinyl sign will give you the freedom to easily remove the sign when necessary. A vinyl sign can be attached using screws and washers or even rope and cord if necessary. This gives you more freedom to use your sign for special sales or events, and to try different placements for the best results.

Solution #2 - Informational Signs. If you need a quick solution to direct customers to a different location at your business, an aluminum sign would be the best fit. These signs are smaller than our Aluma Lite signs and more permanent than our vinyl signs. Installation is quite simple and you can place these signs in a variety of locations, both outside and inside.

Solution #3 - Business Name and Address. If you need a large sign that is capable of containing the name of your business, as well as extra graphics or large print, an Aluma Lite sign should suit your needs. These signs are larger than our aluminum sign and are typically installed on the roof or the side of a business. These signs work well for displaying the name of a business, as well as any other pertinent information.

Solution #4 - Parking Spaces. If you have a large parking lot and would like to reserve specific spaces for either customers or employees, a small aluminum sign will work well. These signs hold up well outdoors and can be designed to display either text, graphics or a combination of both. Installation for this type of sign will typically require a pole or wooden post.

Solution #5 - Announcements. If you have an upcoming sale or event, or if you are holding a grand opening, a vinyl sign is perfect for this application. You can easily design this type of sign using a variety of different background colors and designs to get your message across. If you want to leave this announcement up for a while, you can easily affix your vinyl sign to a sturdy wall. Using pennants with this type of sign can maximize your results.

Solution #6 - Making a Statement. If your business is new, or you just want your sign to get noticed, in many cases, bigger is better. An Aluma Lite sign will come in many large sizes, giving you the opportunity to create a bold statement for your new business. These signs can be prominently placed on the front of your business or the roof, where they will attract the most attention.

Whether you need a simple sign, or you're looking to make a splash, we have a material for every type of need.