The Church Softball Team

Several churches have non-competitive or competitive softball teams that meet frequently throughout the spring and summer months. If your church plays against other organizations, it is helpful to have a banner to advertise the name of your team, or to create a space where the team can display a sponsor's message. Here is an example of how a church softball team can design and use a banner for this purpose.

The team is currently being sponsored by two local businesses. This means that each business should have a section put aside for them on the banner. By offering this space to advertisers, the team can make the sponsorship more attractive and will be able to increase their odds of actually finding sponsors.

The designer will need to take into account any logos or text messages that the sponsors would like to display. If the business has a specific color for their logo, the banner should be designed so that the logo can be easily seen, but not clash with the rest of the color scheme.

Once this information is collected, the actual design phase can begin. The church already knows how much actual space that they can use on the banner for their team information. The sponsor messages will be displayed on the right and left sides of the banner, respectively. This leaves the middle of the banner for the church to display their information.

The color scheme selected by the church is simple. Since they do not have uniforms, this particular church does not need to worry about sticking with team colors. However, if your church team does have uniforms, it is important to remember to stick with these colors when designing a banner.

The two businesses have different colored logos, one red and one blue. The best background color for this banner will be white, since both logos will stand out nicely on this plain color. The main text of the banner will be in black, in a large font. This text will display the team's name in the center, with the name of the church in a smaller font over the name of the team.

Small graphics will be used to fill in any additional white space, with careful consideration to the balance of the sign. These graphics will reflect the church and softball, to tie the two together. For example, if the church has a logo, or a particular preference for imagery, this can easily be displayed on one side of the sign, and softball graphics can be displayed on the other.

The banner will be hung using rope and brackets when the team plays at other venues. When they are finished, it can be easily rolled up and stored until the team plays again. This banner can also be easily displayed at the church itself, using the same installation methods.