Vinyl Lettering and Banners: Combining Your Signage for Better Results

In many cases, using more than one sign can help your company maximize its advertising success. The same theory holds true for conferences. However, if your company is on a budget, there are some alternatives that will allow you to use more than one method for advertising your products.

Vinyl lettering can be utilized to continue the message of a banner or to attract more attention to a specific product. This type of lettering can be displayed on many different surfaces and is easy to remove once the event is complete.

For example, if you are holding a conference for your employees at a local hall, you can use your banner and your vinyl lettering to get your message across more effectively. You will need to get the permission of the hall's owner to use vinyl lettering and it is important to follow the installation and removal instructions exactly to avoid any mishaps.

Once you have received permission, you can then decide what you want to say on both of your signs. The banner can be used outside to draw attention to the conference and let your employees know that they have reached the correct place.

The vinyl lettering can then be used to provide the schedule and directions into where the actual conference is taking place. These letters can be displayed on the front window of the hall.

In the event that you cannot get permission to attach the vinyl lettering to the hall's window, there are other methods that you can try. For example, a freshly painted piece of plywood can be used to display the vinyl lettering and can easily be removed after the conference is over.

If you are attending a large conference with several other companies, you can still utilize vinyl letters. These letters can be used to provide customers with more information about a product, once they have noticed the large banner that is displayed over or in front of your booth. This is a great way to combine your advertising methods.

By using vinyl lettering, you can save your banner for promotional and graphical uses, and use the lettering to display more pertinent information. This type of lettering can be applied, again, to a sheet of plywood or other material and displayed along side the product itself, or if your venue allows you to use their surfaces, you can even attach it to the wall behind your booth to use more of the space that was provided to you.

When you combine your advertising methods, you are ensuring that your message will be read, and understood by the majority of people. This is also great way to save money and design time when you are preparing for your conference.