The Competition Heats Up

A trade show is usually a competitive event, with many companies in the same industry competing for attention. In this type of environment, it can be difficult for companies, particularly if they are small, to attract the kind of attention they need to make their visit a success.

However, there are specific techniques that can be used to help these companies outdo their competition and get the attention they need from consumers. This example will illustrate how a company can prepare for this type of trade show.

This trade show is for the software sector and will feature several companies that produce similar products. The example company produces accounting software and they are expecting that at least three of their main competitors will be attending the event.

Armed with this knowledge, the company knows that they will need to design a stellar banner that will help them beat their competition. With some careful planning and some research, the company can be assured that they will be able to compete with their larger counterparts.

First, the company will need to figure out if their competitors are releasing any new products. If necessary, the company should purchase these products to find any strengths or weaknesses. This will allow them to tailor the campaign for their accounting software accordingly.

For example, this company's software features the ability to easily add new accounts and keep them updated. Their competitor's software is somewhat more difficult to use and the process to set up a new account is quite lengthy. This fact will be the starting point for the banner's design.

The phrase, "Taking Care of Business in Less Than Five Minutes," will be displayed on the banner, over the name of the company. A picture of the software's box will be placed next to the main text and a screenshot that illustrates the account creation process will also be used.

Since it is important to highlight the strengths that this software has over the competition, a smaller banner will also be created. This banner will go into more detail on how easy it is to set up an account and get it running. By using more than one sign, the company can first get a consumer's attention and then back-up the message on the first banner with more information. This design will be simple, with a white background and black text.

The colors used for the large banner will be more vibrant. A bright purple background, which matches the colors on the software box will be used, and the text will be displayed in white. By matching the colors on the banner to the box, the company can create instant recognition for their product, which is vital in today's competitive business world. The final product will be eye-catching, both in design and message.