Displaying your Street Banner

Once you have designed your boulevard or street pole banner, you will need to make sure that you hang it in a proper location. With this type of banner, it is important to check with your city officials to make sure you are in compliance with local codes for businesses.

Each banner will require a different installation and display technique. Here are some tips on how to effectively display your new creation.

Boulevard Banners

This type of banner works best when it is hung in the air, above where your event or sale will take place. For example, if you are using a boulevard banner to advertise a street dance, it is a good idea to hang two banners, one at the entrance to the street and one at the exit.

You will need a length of rope or cord, as well as brackets for this type of installation. It is a good idea to use a type of rope or cord that is strong, to minimize the risk of having it break. Marine grade cord works well for this application and can be easily found at a local hardware or supply store.

The rope will need to be threaded through the built in grommets on your banner. You should make sure that an equal length of rope is left on both sides, before you hang it. If you are not sure that you can accomplish this, buy extra cord and then cut the remaining length to size. This is the best way to make sure that both sides will be equal.

These ends should be securely fastened to brackets on a strong surface. A falling banner can be hazardous and it is important to make sure that your brackets will hold.

In the event you cannot hang your banner across the street or sidewalk, you can also display it on the side or front of your location using the same technique, or by using screws and washers through the grommets. This installation technique is more permanent and will leave holes in the wall of your business, so consider this option carefully.

Street Pole Banners

This type of banner requires a frame that can be attached on one side to a street pole. The frame should go around all four sides of the banner, pulling it taut for the best effect. When you attach the banner to the poll, make sure that it is firmly in place to avoid losing your banner in wind or a storm.

Street pole banners are typically hung on the road-side of the street, to avoid having pedestrians bumping into it. Check the clearance on the side and bottom to make sure that a car will not bump your banner or knock it down.