Displaying your Trade Show Banner

The big day is just around the corner. The trade show you have been preparing for during the past few months will open soon. Are you prepared to effectively display your banner? The use of banners can greatly assist you in having a successful trade show experience. While design is a very important facet of this success, placement follows a close second.

The size of your banner will dictate your options for display. We will take a look at a few of the most common types of banners and provide you with display tips so that you get the most out of them.

Large Banners

These banners are typically at least five feet long, and about one foot in height. They will typically require hanging, utilizing the built in grommets, or you will need to attach them to a solid surface that can be displayed.

These banners work very well if you hang them over your booth or table at a trade show. It provides you with a little storefront and can assist people in finding you in the midst of a busy trade show. Most venues will provide you with a way to hang a large banner, but it is a good idea to come prepared.

If you plan to hang your banner over your booth, you will need to bring two poles that are tall enough to provide you with enough clearance under your banner when it is hung. These poles should be weighted at the base to ensure that they do not tip. You will need to have two brackets on either pole to tie your banner to the supports.

It is possible to find frames for large banners, but this is typically not recommended. The size of a frame for a large banner can make it hard to transport, and move around. If this is the only way that you can display your banner at the trade show, it may be your only choice. Check with the organizers of the event ahead of time to make sure that you are prepared.

Small Banners

Your options for displaying small banners are a little easier. These banners will typically fit within a banner stand, which will provide a way to display them easily. A banner stand is typically a frame for a banner with a secure base. You will need to insert your banner into this frame when you arrive at your trade show. This method is preferred by many trade show goers simply because these stands are easy to transport and position.

You can hang a smaller banner just as you would a large banner, if your space is limited. This type of installation works very well if you want to draw attention to a particular product in your booth or space. Again, you will need to make sure that the facility has provided a way to hang this banner, or you will need to bring your own supports.