Examples of Effective Use of Banners at Trade Shows

A company is getting ready for their very first trade show. Their new product is a kitchen tool that slices, dices and does just about everything in between. However, since they are a small company, they are worried that they may not get the kind of attention they need at this trade show. Let's take a look at how this company can use a trade show banner to improve their chances of getting noticed.

This new product involves food, which is always popular with consumers. Any display information should include pictures of the new product in action, or if possible, before and after photos. This provides the customer with a visual aid that will help them decide that they cannot live without this new product.

In order to attract attention to their little booth, this company will need to design two different banners. The first, a large banner, will be displayed over the actual booth. This banner will include a message about this new product and their company name. A small banner will also be utilized to draw attention to the demonstration area that the company has set up.

The large banner is very important. This banner can be seen throughout much of the convention center where the trade show is held. In order to attract the most attention, the company must use a background color that will get noticed. In this case, the company decides to go with a bright yellow banner, with black text and blue accents. These three colors work well together. The text will be easy to read, and the accent color will draw attention to any secondary elements on the banner.

The banner text will contain a marketing phrase that will promote their new product. Two actual pictures of the new product will be displayed on either side of this text. The accent color will be used to highlight the company's name, which will appear at the top of the banner in smaller print. The text containing the marketing phrase will be large, bold and in an easy to read font.

Now we can move on to what this company can do with their smaller banner. It is going to go in front of their demonstration area, so it is important to tie this in with the design. Since the demonstration will display the slicing and dicing expertise of the new product, actual food will be used during the display. It is important to include pictures of the food items in the banner. For example, if carrots and celery were going to be used, they should be included.

The background color for this sign should be white to ensure readability. The text will be black and have the same blue accent colors as the banner, to create a theme. A picture of the product in action should go in the center of the banner, and the text announcing the demonstration should go at the top. If the demonstration will be held at certain times, this information should go near the bottom of the banner, and use the accent color to draw more attention. If possible, the marketing phrase on the large banner can be tied in here, using a diagonal placement to ensure better space coverage. This is just one example of how a company can use more than one banner to maximize their success at a trade show. We'll continue to provide you with more examples of possible implementation ideas as this series continues.