Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is an important holiday in the United States and one that offers retailers an extra opportunity to sell certain types of products. Banners can be effectively used to advertise these products, and can help maximize the success of this type of event.

As an example, we will illustrate how a store that specializes in barbeque equipment can design and use a banner to effectively promote their products during this holiday. This type of banner should be displayed at least a few weeks before the actual holiday, in order to attract a larger amount of people.

This sample store sells barbeque grills and equipment. Obviously, the majority of their business is done during the spring and summer months. However, the Fourth of July is a special month for this company and the month where they typically have more customers. In order to maximize on this holiday, they will need to create a seasonal banner to celebrate the holiday and inform customers of additional sales.

The holiday itself will be the inspiration for the design of the banner. Bright colors such as red, white and blue will be used in the main design, with the color yellow being used for accents and graphics. The background of the sign will be in white, with the main text in blue. Supporting text will be in red. These two text colors are easy to read on a white background and will stand out, even from a distance.

The graphics that will be used are fireworks, and actual grilling equipment. Photos of the sale grills and utensils will be used on the sign to draw more attention. These photos will be in full color to make sure that the sign is as visually appealing as possible.

Now that the design basics are complete, the company can focus on what they need their banner to say. The main text will be located in the center of the banner, and will be in a larger font size than the other text. The company decides to use the phrase, "4th of July Spectacular Sale" in this position.

The supporting phrase, "All Grills and Grilling Supplies 35%" will be displayed above this message in the secondary text color. The graphics will be placed in the corners of the banner and alongside the main message in the center. This will create a balanced feel to the banner, which is very important.

Since this is an important sale, more than one banner will be utilized. One will be hung outside of their location, where it can be easily seen by foot and vehicle traffic. A second large banner, that is a duplicate of the first, will be hung indoors, over the grilling equipment.

Smaller banners, that are downsized versions of the large main banner will be displayed at the checkout stand and at the entrance to the store. These banners will work to support the message of the main banners and serve as helpful reminders to customers. By using more than one sign, this store can maximize their entire campaign and create more sales.