Getting Attention with Banners and Signs

In general, the main reason that businesses purchase a sign is to draw attention to their store or location. In order to do this properly, several different design and size options must be considered. Here is an example of how a company can design a banner that will attract a great deal of attention, without being offensive.

This example company is a hardware store. Their nearest competitor is about a half block away and typically has more customers. In order to attract more attention to their little store, the owners of this hardware store must design a banner that will catch the eye of people passing by.

In order to maximize their success, the hardware store has decided to run a promotional event that will undercut the prices of their competitor. In order for this event to work, a message about this sale must be prominently displayed. A large vinyl banner is selected, as well as a smaller banner that will be displayed on the sidewalk outside of the store.

This method of combining two different signs will work well for this company by assuring the pedestrian as well as vehicular traffic will be able to easily see the sign. Instead of relying on only one type of traffic, the hardware store can be assured of attracting more attention by combining the types of signs that they use.

Now, the company must decide what type of sign they will design. Again, since the main purpose of the sign is to attract attention, vibrant colors must be used. A banner with a bright yellow background will stand out well from their surroundings, and will still be pleasing to the eye.

The color selection for the text is also important. Since the background is so bright, a simple, but bold color must be used for the text. The hardware store decides on black text, in a bold font. This text will be easy to see, and still create enough of a contrast to stand out from the rest of the sign.

The message that will be displayed on this sign is also important. If the hardware store has a particular item that is on sale, such as lawnmowers, they should be featured on the sign. A message that the store will beat any other store's prices could also be displayed in smaller print to ensure that customers don't travel to the competitors store looking for a better deal.

Customers will immediately know that this hardware store already has a better deal, which will save them time and money. These two elements are essential in creating an effective, attention-getting sign.

Small, but attractive graphics will be used to support this marketing message. This will help increase the sign's overall visual appeal and attract the eyes of more people that are passing by. By combining all of these elements onto one sign, the hardware store can be assured that their banner will attract the attention they need.