Getting Noticed at a Trade Show

If you are thinking about attending a trade show, now is the time to consider what kind of signs you will need for this event. Trade shows are often quite crowded and it can be difficult to attract customers when you are in the midst of your competitors. It is necessary to create a sign that will get your company noticed.

In order to assist you through this process, we have provided an example of how a company can prepare for a trade show and design a banner that will work overtime to attract attention.

This company sells automobile enhancements, such as seat covers and running boards. The trade show they are going to attend is dedicated to the automotive industry and many of their competitors are planning on attending. This means that the company will need to make sure that their sign will generate enough attention to compete at the busy trade show.

The first consideration will need to cover what they plan to promote with their sign. Since this company is debuting two new products at the trade show, a seat cover that resists tearing and a cup holder that is made to hold a personal MP3 player, these products should be included on the banner.

When designing a trade show banner, it is a good idea to go with a full color option. This will allow you to display the pictures of your products in full color, which makes them naturally more attractive then simple line art drawings.

It is also a good idea to get a picture of these products while they are in use to show just how beneficial they are to a customer. For example, the cup holder that doubles as an MP3 player holder should be shown cradling a top of the line player. By showing what these products can do, the banner will be able to effectively promote these items.

Since full color pictures will be used, a solid background is necessary. There are many options for colors, but it is important to select one that will showcase the pictures you are using. For example, if the pictures are dark, a light background will help them show-up better. This banner will be black in color, since the pictures are high quality and bright. The text that is used on the banner will be in bright yellow to attract the eyes of visitors at the show.

The two pictures will go on the left and right side of the banner, respectively, and the name of the company will go in the top center. A brief message describing what the company produces will be displayed in the middle center, as the anchor for the banner.

Once the design is complete, the company will be able to ready their equipment to display it properly. The venue for the trade show has ceilings that will allow banners to be hung above booths, so the company will need to get a strong cord or rope to hang their banner where it can be seen from several different directions at the show.