How to Display Your Conference Banner

If you are using a banner to display information about your conference, there are two main methods of installation. You can select an indoor or outdoor installation, depending on the type of banner you are using. Here are some installation tips for both types of banners.

Outdoor Installation

We'll discuss two methods for installing your banner outdoors. The first, a semi-permanent solution, will work well if your conference is scheduled to last through an entire week, or if you are expecting adverse wind or weather conditions.

This installation method will require a solid surface upon which to hang the banner. You will need to have permission to drill holes in the surface if you are holding your conference at a different location than your business. In the event that you cannot get permission, you can attach your banner to a large board.

Once you have permission, you will need to attach the banner to the wall or surface using screws. It is a good idea to place a washer between the banner and the surface for a tighter and more secure fit.

You can also tie up a banner using a cord that goes through the grommets of the banner and is then attached to two brackets. If you do not have anywhere to display this type of banner, you can use two poles that have sturdy bases that are weighted. The poles can easily be removed and transported when your event has ended. The poles will need to have brackets or hooks to hold the rope of the banner.

Indoor Installation

You can hang a banner indoors using any of the methods mentioned above. Portable poles are recommended if you need to hang a banner inside and you are not allowed to place holes in the surface at the conference center.

Banner frames are a handy way to display a banner without needing to worry about hanging them. A banner frame has a weighted base and an open frame. The banner will be inserted in the center of the frame and pulled taut. This will keep your banner looking nice, and it is easy to remove it when the conference is over.

Some banner frames come with the ability to adjust the height. This will allow you to have a banner that is situated over a table or hang it higher in the air. If you are not confident in being able to attach a banner to the surface of a wall, this method of installation is highly recommended.

In the end, the venue for your conference will most likely be the deciding factor in how you will install your banners. Always check with the owner of the building before attaching a banner to any surface.