Ideas for Holiday Banners

If you are stuck on design ideas for a seasonal banner, here are a few quick ideas to help you create your own sign. We'll use specific holidays that are typically used for specific sales, such as an after-Thanksgiving Sale, or a May Day sale.

After Thanksgiving Sale

Many stores hold this sale as a launch for their Christmas season. This type of sign should contain earth tones, such as orange and brown. Graphics of a turkey or leaves can be used to set the mood for the sign. The text should be black to stand out from the background and should be located to support the sale graphics.

At the center of your sign, you should place a graphic that is central to your sale or text that is important to your event. For example, if you are selling clothing in this sale, a picture of clothing should be included. If your sale is percentage based, this percentage can go in the center of the sign.

Valentine's Day Sale

This is a great time to maximize sales for gift items. You should begin using your sign about two weeks before the big day. A white or a red background is typically used and graphics that are centered around the Valentine's Day theme, such as flowers, hearts or cupids are a great idea.

The sale message should clearly state that your event is marketing great gifts for either sex. Graphics of these items should be included, as well as how much the customer will be saving. Brainstorm for different gift ideas for men or women and include these items on your sign.

Using a specialty font that is specifically for this holiday is also a good idea. You get a little more slack in your design requirements when it comes to a fun sale like this. The most important thing to remember is that you will need to stand out from the crowd, since this is a competitive holiday. Make your marketing message snappy!

May Day Sale

May Day is a typical sale day to help bring customers in when they would normally be outside enjoying the weather. This type of banner should use the season, the weather and a strong sale message to encourage consumers.

Bright colors should be used to generate more interest. You're competing with a nice spring day and it can be hard to convince people to come indoors. Graphics should be glossy and bright.

This is a great time of year to hold a big clearance sale, to make room for summer merchandise and clear out any old stock. This gives you a chance to hold a sale that offers a large percentage off, which will help you generate more interest.