Ideas for Promotional Banners for Movies

If you run a small production company, or if you need to promote a movie, a vinyl banner can be more useful than a poster. A poster is definitely limited in how you can display it, and often, an outdoor installation will not work. A vinyl banner can be used outdoors or indoors and is very easy to display.

Here are some ideas on how you can use a promotional banner to help you with the promotion of your movie.

Create a Vinyl Poster. If you already have posters designed, you can easily use this design to create a full-color vinyl banner. Using a custom option, you can even have this banner sized to replicate an actual poster. You'll be able to take advantage of the benefits of a vinyl sign, and still use the artwork from your posters. This will give you more options for displaying your sign outside and it will hold up to the rigors of a busy theater.

Using a Large Banner for an Announcement. If you really want to get your message across, using a large vinyl banner can work quite well. This type of banner can be hung over the entrance of a theater, a rental store or another location. A bold banner can draw attention to an event and create more notice from pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

The design for this type of banner should include a vibrant background for it to stand out and get noticed. The text should also be vivid and any graphics included on the banner should stand out. This can be done using a full color banner or by the proper selection of basic colors on a sign.

Banners for Ticket Booth Promotions. If you have a special event or price for a specific movie, a small banner can be used by the ticket booth to increase sales for the event. These signs should be made with a full-color design, to draw the most attention. A picture of the movie's poster should be used, as well as a large message to announce the special event or price.

This type of banner can be displayed in a banner stand, or it can be hung in front of or over the actual booth.

Banners for Food Item Promotion. This is an effective way to advertise sales on movie popcorn and snacks. A large banner can be hung behind the food stand area, or a small banner can be displayed in a stand in front of the concession area. This type of banner should be in full color, and a picture of the item that is being promoted should be used.

Keep in mind that the picture will do the majority of the work in selling the item. It should be glossy, and show the item in great detail. Supportive text, such as the special price or a free offer should be displayed either above or below the picture, but not on top of the graphic. If your concession sales are suffering, this method of promotion will work quite well in promoting your food items.