Ideas for School Banners

There are literally thousands of uses for banners, but schools can take advantage of some truly creative ideas for these banners. Whether a school has an upcoming parent-teacher night, or they need to design a banner for a football team, there are literally hundreds of different ways to use a banner.

Here are just a few ideas of how schools can effectively utilize banners for a myriad of uses.

Parent-Teacher Night. This event happens at least once every school year and a banner can be a useful way to create a sign for this event. Parents will need to know where to go on the school grounds, and a banner can be an effective way to direct their attention to a specific entrance, or area.

This type of banner should be non-specific in regards to the year of the event, to ensure consistent use throughout many years. A simple announcement about the event can be placed on the banner and it can be re-used each year.

School Teams. If your school has a sports team, chances are, they will need to travel to other schools. A banner is an effective way to create a portable sign that will display the name of the team. This is very useful for many different sporting events and can help create a rallying point for students.

These banners can be displayed over the team's entrance to the field, or behind the bench area along the field. This type of sign is useful for directing parents and friends of the players to the right side of the field.

Special Events. School plays, bake sales and other events can always benefit from using a banner. Again, you can use a generic message, such as "School Play Tonight" on the banner to get many years of service out of your creation. These banners can be displayed in front of an auditorium, in the lunch room, or wherever the event will be held.

Since these banners are portable, the banner can be used as a pre-event promotion tool in one area of the school and later moved to where the event will be taking place.

Important Messages. If your school won an important event, or a championship, a banner is a great way to display your pride in the school. A message on the event or placement in a championship can be used on the banner and it can be hung in your school's trophy area or in the lunch room or gym.

Banners can also be used to display important back-to-school information, such as the location for orientation or other directional messages. This type of banner can also be reused throughout the years if a generic message is used.

These are just a few examples of how your school can use a banner. What ideas can you come up with for your school?