Indoor and Outdoor Uses for Event Banners

Banners are an effective way to advertise a special event. They can draw instant attention to your event, or location and work well to attract new customers. There are also many different ways that you can use a special event banner both indoors and outdoors. Here are a few suggestions on how to use special event banners.


Special events such as picnics, street dances or festivals can typically use large banners to promote the event. The banner can be hung over the entrance of an outdoor venue. Another method of displaying this type of banner is to create a temporary installation using portable poles. You can then use a banner to mark off the space that will hold your event.

If you are holding a company picnic, the banner can be displayed near the main table to let people know where to go, or at the entrance to a park where it is being held. This method allows you to use the banner not only for promotional purposes, but as a method of directing participants to the picnic area.

A street dance can benefit from the use of a banner. You can hang one on either end of the block that will be used for the dance, or behind where a band or a DJ will be playing. These banners can be hung in advance to promote the event and displayed prominently to attract new people to attend the event that are in the area.

Festivals can use banners in much the same way, by letting people know that an event is going to take place ahead of time. Once again, the same banner can be used to direct people to the proper location.


Special events don't always take place outside, but this doesn't mean that you can't use a banner indoors as well. Small banners can be displayed in a banner stand, and large banners can still be hung indoors.

A conference can be advertised by using a small banner outside of a hotel or the location of the conference. This type of sign can serve a dual purpose as informational and promotional. By putting this sign in a prominent location, you are letting people know that they have arrived at the correct venue.

You can use indoor banners to mark off an area, draw attention to a particular booth or location and promote products indoors. Large banners can easily be temporarily installed using ropes and brackets, and removed or moved when necessary. Small banner stands are also very portable and allow you more options for placement.

Every event can benefit from advertising and a banner is a great way to combine your special event needs of promotion and information.