Indoor and Outdoor Uses for Restaurant Banners

We have already discussed the numerous benefits that restaurants can derive from using banners to promote specials and new food items. Now it is time to move on to how these banners can be used both outside and indoors to create a visual link in your promotion. These techniques will help you get the most out of your advertising campaigns.

If possible, more than one banner should be used if you are holding a large campaign. By combining different kinds of banners, you can appeal to a wider audience and get your message across in several ways.

A large banner should be used outside of your location. While they can be used indoors, for a restaurant, they are more beneficial outside. When you use a large banner where traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, can easily see it, you aren't relying on existing customers to support your sale. You can appeal to the general public by using outdoor signs.

This banner should be hung in an area that is easily visible in several different directions and from a distance. If you don't have a way to hang your banner on the roof, you can easily attach it to the side of your building that faces the street, or on a large window. This gives you more options to attract new business.

Once you have your large banner in place, you can begin to find locations for your smaller banners. These banners will serve as smaller versions of your main banner and can be used to promote the same item, or different items. One small banner should be located outside of the main entrance of your building.

More banners can be placed inside, in various positions. It is a good idea to place one banner near the cash register area, where people typically enter your restaurant. This is particularly useful if your restaurant sells take home deserts, pies or other add-on items. By reminding the customer of these products before they pay their bill, you are increasing the potential for add-on sales.

Another small banner can be placed near the reservation or host stand if you utilize this form of greeting new customers. This last banner will be used as a final reinforcement and should be designed with this fact in mind. The picture on the banner should make the customer hungry, and entice them to order what it is promoting.

If you want to further advertise these items, special inserts that match your banners can be placed within your menus. This is the last step in formulating an all-out campaign that should result in increased sales for your food items.

This is one example of how multiple banners used outdoors and inside your business can increase your potential for sales. With a little extra time, you'll be able to come up with your own ideas that will work to promote your unique food items.