Installation Tips for Large Banners

There are several different ways that you can display your large banner. Here are some helpful tips to make the process go smoothly, whether you are installing a temporary large banner or a permanent one.

Permanent Installation Tips

This type of installation requires the use of a drill, screws and washers. The drill will need a bit that is capable of drilling a hole in your surface. A brick or stone surface will require a masonry bit, while a wood surface will need a wood bit.

Line up the Grommets. If you are using a permanent installation method, where the banner will be attached to the walls using screws, it is very important to line up the banner correctly.

Before you drill your holes in your surface, ask two people to assist you in positioning the banner. Mark a hole on your surface through each grommet, in the center of circle. Now, you can remove the banner and you will know exactly where to drill your holes. This will cut down on having a crooked banner.

Hang the Ends First. After you have drilled your holes, start attaching your banner to the surface by first attaching the ends. This will help you control the fabric and will make the process easier. Since you lined up your holes prior to drilling, you won't have to worry about crookedness with this type of installation.

Temporary Installation

This method of installation requires a length of rope or cord, and two brackets. The brackets will need to be attached to a strong surface that can support the weight of the banner.

Line up the Brackets. Once again, ask for the help of two friends to hold the banner where you intend to hang it. Mark the spots where the brackets will need to go. You can then drill your holes and be assured that the brackets will be even when they are installed.

Use More Cord Than You Need. Start with a very long piece of rope or cord that is much longer than you actually need. This will allow you to cut it to size after you have threaded it through the grommets on the banner. It is also important to make sure that each side has the same amount of rope to ensure that your banner will hang correctly.

Use the Right Kind of Cord. A strong cord is necessary for this type of banner. Marine line or parachute cord is highly recommended. This type of cord is strong and will withstand the elements well. It is not subject to fraying or snapping like many ropes and will provide you with a safer way to hang your banner.