Integrating the Seasons with your Signs

Most business currently run sales at different times of the year. These sales normally coincide with specific holidays. Are you utilizing the seasons in your signage to attract more customers? By integrating the seasons and holidays with your signs, you can increase the overall attractiveness of your signs and help your customers associate specific times of the year as a time to save with your company.

Let's start with the beginning your integration. This is a very easy step and will only require a few graphics tied into your current designs. By taking a look at the different seasons in which your sales run, you can get ideas for these graphics.

For example, a back-to-school sale sign could include fall leaves, and other graphics associated with this season. Apples, rulers, books, school buses, notebooks and other graphics would work well this type of sign.

Another example would be a spring clearance sale. Ideas for use of graphics include, flowers, rain, umbrellas, ducks, rabbits and other items that people typically associate with this season.

These items can easily be added into your current design, either by inserting them into the corners of your sign, or including them with your main graphics. They can also be used as part of the text in your sign.

Our next integration tip for seasonal signs involves a complete retooling of your current designs. This step is, of course, more work intensive, but can resurrect a dying sale campaign very easily. Your first step will be to pick colors that are associated with the season in which your sale appears. Keep in mind that pastels are commonly associated with spring and earth tones are associated with fall.

Once you have decided on your color scheme, you will need to pick a color for the background of your sign. This color should work well with your other colors for text and graphics to ensure the best overall appearance of your sign. For example, if you have selected a light blue background, a dark text color will be easier to read. Now that you have your background color in place, you can use this as your springboard for your remaining design elements.

Your text and graphics should reflect the season as well as any pictures of your products you wish to use. Pick a product that meshes well with the season, such as notebooks for back to school, or gift ideas for Christmas and work from there. If you don't have any products that fit this need, promotional sales will work as well. You can select a font that includes elements of the season, such as leaves or snowflakes by using a novelty font. Try to keep this to a minimum, so that ornate letters do not detract from your message.

Now you can put all of these elements together to create a seasonally themed sign that you can use year after year.