Is Bigger Really Better?

When you are designing a large banner, you may be faced with several challenges. Before you commit yourself to purchasing such a large sign, there are many different points to consider.

1. Do you really need a sign that is very large? In many cases, companies can easily cut down on the size of the sign that they need by simply editing and honing down their message. Instead of filling a huge sign with extraneous information, it may make more sense to display a smaller sign with a targeted message.

It is a good idea to thoroughly plan out what you want your banner to say before you begin the actual design phase of the project. This will give you time to create a message that is powerful, but not wordy. As people get busier, the time they spend reading advertisements is getting shorter. In many cases, creating a sign with less information on it may actually benefit your company.

In the event that your company has a long name, or you just can't get your message any shorter than it already is, your best solution will be to go with a large sign. In this case, a smaller banner is really not an option, nor would it suit your needs appropriately.

2. Why do you need a large sign? Many people make the mistake of thinking that bigger is better. In fact, a professionally designed sign that will attract attention is better, regardless of its actual size.

Take some time to consider why you feel that a large sign is best for your company. Is it due to the size of your name or message, or are you just selecting the largest size possible in an attempt to get your message noticed?

3. What size banner can your location support? If you are dealing with a limited amount of space to hang your sign, this decision is made much easier. It is only logical to select a banner that will not overwhelm your building, or worse, will not display properly when it is hung.

Try to measure out your location when deciding on the size of your banner. See how much of a sign your building can really support without being overwhelmed. If necessary, use sheets of continuous paper to give you a visual idea of just how large your sign will be.

If you are working with a very large area of space, a larger banner is definitely better. A small banner can easily be swallowed up by a large expanse and may not be noticed. Since the main purpose of using a large banner is to attract attention to your company, this is an important step to consider.

In many cases, bigger is better. You will just need to ascertain whether this is true for your particular situation.