Large Banners

Large banners can be used for many different purposes. If you are unsure how to go about designing and using a large banner, here is an example of how a company could utilize this type of sign. We'll illustrate the entire process from concept to hanging.

This company needs to use a large banner to provide them with a temporary sign for their business. This company is a seasonal gift shop that only operates from September through January. The main business that this store sees is from holiday shoppers. This is an important point that will be used when they design their banner.

Since the store is only in operation for a few months out of the year, they rent a building for these months. The building does not provide a sign and it is not possible to create a temporary sign for this location. Thus, a banner will be used to meet the company's needs, and it can be reused for many years to come.

The business' name will need to go in the center of the banner, since it is serving as a sign for the actual business. The color scheme of the sign will reflect the kind of business that they do. Since this is a holiday gift store, the company decides to use a green background, with white text. Accents and graphics will be used in the color red.

Now that they have a rough idea of what their sign will look out, it is time to start adding design elements. The text has been laid out in the center of the banner, and the graphics will be randomly placed on either side of this text. The graphics chosen for the sign will reflect the holidays and range from pictures of wrapped presents, to holiday designs.

The font that will be used for the banner will not be a standard sign font. This company has decided to go with cursive lettering that is easy to read, but gives a hint of elegance to the sign. The company's name looks well in cursive writing and it will set the overall tone of the banner. Since it is cursive, the font will be in bold, to make it easier to see from a distance.

The graphics will be a combination of full color pictures, and line art. The line art graphics will be displayed in white and red, and the full color pictures will be utilized as well. This creates more expense for the banner, but gives a better impression to the viewer.

Once the design process is complete, and the new sign is arrived, the company decides to hang it on the roof of their location. The installation method will be semi-permanent and involve using screws to attach it firmly to the surface of the roof. This method will hold up better during the windy and snowy months that the business is in operation.

At the end of their business season, the company will remove this sign and then store it for the following year. Since it is a vinyl banner, this is easily accomplished. With the proper care and installation, this type of banner can serve as this company's sign for at least three to five years.