Lettering and Banners at Church

In many cases, it is important to combine at least two different types of signs to maximize your success. If your church needs to promote an upcoming event this is a great way to save money and increase your chances of getting noticed.

Supportive Lettering

You will only have so much space when you are designing a vinyl banner. Many times, there is just not enough room to display your entire message. In this case, vinyl lettering can be used to support the main banner and provide additional information.

An example of this type of promotion would be to design a large banner that displays the name of a particular event. Then, vinyl lettering can be used on a window that is near the banner to display the actual times, location or any other important information.

Instead of designing more than one banner, vinyl lettering provides a cost-effective way to get more information displayed.

Reinforcing Your Message

When you decide to use a large banner, particularly if it is displayed outside, or at a distance from the actual event, you can use vinyl lettering to provide a reinforcement of your message. This lettering can be displayed in a window, on a door, or on the wall of the room where the event is being held.

This can save you extra expense while still maximizing your original sign's impact. The reinforcement of the original message will help more people become aware of your event and encourage a higher attendance.

Offering More Options

Most churches are on a tight budget, and they may not be able to afford purchasing one or several vinyl banners. In this case, vinyl lettering can be used to replace a vinyl banner, while still getting the same message across. If your church needs to save money, this is a viable alternative that is still attractive and will attract enough attention for your event.

Other options include the ability to arrange your lettering over a larger area, or in different directions. Banners offer limited space, and if your message is long or complicated, they may not have enough actual area to display your message.

Instead of cramming your text onto one banner, vinyl lettering will allow you to use a window to display your message, giving you more space. You can easily arrange your lettering vertically, horizontally, or even in several different directions. Your options are only constrained to the size and style of the window or surface. Decals can also be added to display graphics to support your message.