Local Marketing with your Corrugated Plastic Signs

Marketing to your local community can be challenging How are you going to get your name out? How will people find you? Are they aware of all the services you provide? A lot of these can be answered by effectively marketing with corrugated plastic signs. This article goes through several aspects on how to successfully use signage to increase your local community awareness, help in directing road traffic to your location and spreading the word about the services you can offer your community.

Building brand awareness can be costly at times when using conventional radio, television, or billboard channels. Corrugated plastic signs are an inexpensive alternative. By using corrugated signs you can place them around your community to help bring brand awareness to your targeted audience. Start by coming up with some creative ideas for your branded corrugated plastic campaign. Ensure that your designs are eye catching and memorable. Once your design work is finished the next step is to place your signs in high traffic areas. (Make sure to check with your local authorities and owners of the property for any local restrictions.)

How many times have you been looking for a new place you heard of and had to call for directions because you missed a turn? Well corrugated signs can help! By utilizing these signs you can easily direct traffic, catching as many buyers as possible from the major highways near your store, by utilizing arrows and simple directional signage to ensure that you are catching as many buyers as possible.

Sounds great! But where can you put your custom signs? Well these areas are endless but we will just name a few:

  • Beside Roads
  • Roadway Ditches
  • Center Medians
  • Next to Sidewalks
  • Corners/Curves
  • Businesses Park Entrances
  • Store Windows

Make sure to check with your local authorities and owners of the property for any local restrictions.

How many signs are right for you? Well, more signs mean more exposure! You can't get too much exposure. For a smaller sign campaign you could start with as little as a dozen signs. We are convinced that you will see the results and will find all sorts of uses for these small miracle makers and could soon be purchasing hundreds of plastic corrugated signs a year.

So how far apart should you place your signs? When doing directional signs or special event signage make sure to place your sign at any confusing area in the roadway including a split, corner, or a sharp curve. The only rule of thumb to this is not to have your signs appear "cluttered" or too close together. The only exception to this rule is when you doing continual message signage where each sign may only contain a few words of a longer message you are advertising.

Corrugated Plastic Signs make it easy to get your products, services, and special promotions directly to your local market. By utilizing durable and low cost corrugated plastic signs you can easily change your signs on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Using this strategy can dramatically increase your exposure in a local community, as well as ensure that you are keeping your message in front of your audience.