Making a Lasting Impression

One of the most important concepts of design is making a lasting impression. This is particularly important when you are designing a product specific banner. This sign will need to be used to display not only essential text information, but graphics that will be remembered long after the customer sees your sign.

There are many different ways to make a lasting impression and not all of them will provide the same result. It is very easy to make a bad impression with a poorly designed sign, and unfortunately, this type of impression is usually lasting.

However, by taking the time to carefully and professionally design your banner, you can avoid this type of impression and instead create an image that will remembered well by your customer.

When you are designing this type of sign, it is a good idea to use a picture of the actual item. Product specific banners need to be absolutely specific in their design. The entire purpose of the banner is to promote this one item, and not anything else.

The picture of the item should be clear, and provide enough detail for the customer to get a good idea of not only what it is, but how they can use it. A poor picture may leave the customer wondering, "What is that thing," instead of "I need one of those." In addition to paying attention to the actual quality of the image that will be used on the sign, it is important to use a picture of the item in action.

For example, if you are promoting a coffee grinder, it is important to make sure that the picture includes coffee beans, as well as ground coffee. This creates an instant visual recognition that this item is a coffee grinder and not some strange device. By using a picture that shows the item in use, you are in fact, saying a thousand words.

Brand names can also be important when you are promoting a specific product. Many consumers tend to stick with the brands that they trust. By advertising the brand name of the product, you are again taking the customer through the recognition process. This process will help increase your sales as customers immediately recognize not only what the item is, but who made it.

In the event that your item is not from a nationally or widely known brand, there are other ways to appeal to consumers. After brand loyalty, price is usually the next thing consumers look for. In fact, if the price is right, they may even be induced to try a brand that is new to them. By using this method of promotion, you can avoid the problem of promoting an unknown and start promoting the item on its actual strengths.

The colors that you use for product specific banners should not detract from the overall image. Use the photograph of the item as the centerpiece and design the rest of the banner around it. The text should be bold, to grab the attention of the reader, and well written to make the best use of the space. By combining all of these elements onto one sign, you can be assured of making a good impression that lasts.