Making a Splash

Every year, numerous conferences are held for companies to debut new products. These conferences are similar to conventions but give businesses an opportunity to network with each other and create new customers as well. It is very important to stand out when your company attends one of these conferences.

This means that you will need to design a sign that will attract attention from several different areas of the venue. Special attention will need to be paid to entrances, as well as other booths when deciding what type of banner will be used.

Our example company produces handy household tools and will be attending an annual home and garden conference. Numerous businesses will be attending, including some of this company's top competitors. The company will need to design a banner that will promote their latest products and give them an edge on these competitors. The venue for the conference is quite large, and the booths are set up in close proximity to one another.

Now that the company has collected this information on the type of event and how it will be organized, they are ready to begin the design phase for their sign. Since the venue is large, the company has decided on a large vinyl banner that will be hung over their booth at the conference.

This banner will be hung so that it will be visible from both entrances into the venue, and from many different angles. This is perhaps one of the most important considerations when designing a banner. If no one will see your banner, you will have wasted your time, money and effort in its creation.

Since there will be several competitors present, the company will need to find what gives them their niche in this crowded market. This means finding something that another company doesn't sell, do or provide, or in the event that an item is not an exclusive, a better price or a better warranty.

This sample company is launching an exclusive line of cookware that is not currently available in any other store. This gives them an edge over their competition, but only if they use this point to market their product. Other considerations should be paid to the actual product. Pictures will need to be utilized on the banner that will display the cookware in the best way, and illustrate how useful it is.

The colors for the banner will need to be vibrant and easily draw attention. The company has decided on a bright orange background, with black text. The black will easily stand out from the background, making the sign easy to read. The name of the product will be placed in the center, as well as the information that makes the product itself stand out. An actual picture of the cookware in use will be placed on one side of the banner, and any promotional information will be displayed on the other side.

By effectively combining these elements, the company can be assured that they will make a splash and have a successful trip to the conference.