Making a Statement With Your Banner

When you have a band, it is very important to make a statement with your banner. This banner will be used to identify your group when you play at various locations and should be a reflection of your overall purpose. Here are some tips on how to make a statement with your banner.

Using full color is a great way to attract attention, and get your design to come out the way you plan. However, simple, two or four color banners have their place too. If your design calls for intricacy, or you have a complicated and colorful logo, a full color banner will work best for you. If your logo is simply line art, or you only need a text banner, a simple banner would work well in this case.

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Your artwork on your banner should match any promotional materials you use for your banner. If you already have t-shirts or other items that carry your logo, try to design your banner around these materials. If you do not already have these materials designed, you can use your banner as a great start pointing.

By creating a brand, where all of your materials match, you can take advantage of instant recognition with your fans. They will immediately associate your unique color scheme, or design with your band, and this can help you in the long run with record sales, or increasing your fan base.

In addition to considering how to use colors on your banner, you should also use colors that make a statement. Bold, bright colors are more readily noticed than drab colors or pastels. You will also need to consider what kind of music your band plays when making this decision.

A pastel banner would not work well for an acid rock group, and conversely, a bold and daring banner would not work well for a chamber group.

Try to think of the message that you are trying to get across with your banner. This will assist you in finding the perfect colors for your banner.

If your band is a high school band, the banner should be designed using the school colors and logo. This is very useful in competitions, when your uniforms will match your school colors. Your banner should coordinate well with these uniforms and be instantly recognizable to the crowd.

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The graphics you select will also make a statement. If you do not have a logo, or you need extra graphics for your banner, try to find graphics that represent what you do. For example, a marching band could use graphics such as bass drums, flutes or other band instruments. A rock band could use graphics of an electric guitar, flames or other bold graphics.

Your banner will be a reflection of you and your banner. Keep this in mind while you are going through the design process and you'll be able to make a unique statement with your banner.