Using More Than One Method to Get Your Message Across

When you are advertising an event at your school, or promoting a school team, combining the types of signs that you use can increase the overall visibility of your message.

There are several different types of signs that are available, some permanent, and others temporary. By using several different signs to market your event, you can be assured that more people will see your message and respond to it. Here are some examples of how using more than one type of sign can benefit a school.

Vinyl Lettering

In this example, a school needs to promote a play that will be held in the auditorium. A large banner has been purchased that will be displayed outside of the auditorium. Instead of needing to purchase additional banners to further publicize the event, vinyl lettering can be used with great success.

This lettering can be applied to exterior windows or doors. Since you are working with single letters, you'll be able to design how this type of sign will look once the letters arrive. By using lettering in vibrant or metallic colors, you can attract the eyes of visitors and support the message of your large banner.

These letters can be easily removed when the event is complete. By using vinyl lettering, a school can save money on a large banner. This can be done by designing a large banner that is more generic, and as such, can be reused in the following years.

The school can use the vinyl lettering to display specific information, such as the name of the play and the times for the performance.

Small Banners

Small banners can be used to support the message of a large banner, and can provide a school with a cost effective means of promoting an event. For example, if a sports team needs a large banner to promote the team, but continually taking down and moving a large banner is too much work, a small banner can be used in conjunction with this type of banner.

The large banner can be left at one location, and the smaller banner, which is easier to transport, can be taken on the road with the team. This scenario can be reversed if the team prefers to have the large banner travel with them.

Other examples include using small banners to provide information that would not fit on a large banner, such as times, location, or specific directions. This is a great way to save money on signs, while still effectively promoting an event.