Movie Banners

Owners of video stores or movie theaters can find many uses for a promotional banner. If you are certain you need a banner, but you're not sure on how to go about, here is an example of how a video store could use a banner to promote a specific event.

Our video store is having a clearance sale on all of last year's hit movies. These movies will be marked down 50% and a free gift of popcorn is available with every sale. Before the store begins designing their banner, they will first need to go through their sale list and find the most popular movies.

Once the top contenders are chosen, the store may need to check with the studio or production company to get permission to use the image on their banner. In most cases, there will not be a problem obtaining this permission. Small shots of each front cover of the video will be used in the sign, and will need to be scanned into a digital format, if a digital format is not already available.

Since these movies are popular, they will serve as the cornerstone of the banner. They will be located prominently in the design to call attention to the event. The layout of this sign is very important and the graphics will be used heavily. The banner is going to be a small rectangular banner that can be easily displayed in front of the store.

A white background has been chosen to allow the graphics to stand out. The color black will be used for the text. A brief promotional message will be placed at the top of the banner. The percentage of the sale will be placed in the center and will be in a large font.

The graphics will then be placed at different angles around this center text. The positioning of the graphics should call attention to the message in the center of the sign. At least one corner of each graphic should point towards this message. The graphics themselves should be high quality and in full color.

Once the design of the sign has been laid out, the store's designer will need to take a step back to make sure that all of the elements are located correctly. If necessary, a mock-up can be created to get a visual idea of the overall design.

Balance is extremely important when you are designing a promotional sign. There should not be too many graphics, or too few. They should support the message of the sign and not overwhelm it.

After all of the elements are finalized, the store can place an order for their banner. This should be done in plenty of time before the event is scheduled to avoid any last minute rushing or worrying. While the store is waiting for the banner to be completed, they can purchase a banner stand for their creation.

This stand should be sturdy and placed in a location outside of the store that is noticeable, but not hazardous to people walking by. The entrance to the store should not be blocked by the banner, but rather, the banner should lead people to this entrance.