A New Restaurant Location

When a restaurant needs to advertise a new location, vinyl banners can be very useful. Here is an example of how a restaurant can design and display a banner to promote the opening of their new store.

This restaurant is located near the downtown area of a mid-sized town. There are no other restaurants in the immediate area. The street traffic past this location is quite heavy, which is important for the restaurant owners to remember. The banner will be aimed at attracting these drivers.

Other promotional efforts, such as advertisements in the local papers will be used, but the banner will be the main source of attracting new customers. This means that the banner will need to be designed to create attention.

This restaurant has an established color scheme that is recognized by most people. All of the buildings for this restaurant chain are designed using the same colors, and the theme is carried throughout the restaurant's interior. The roof of the building is orange, and the exterior is brown brick. These colors will need to be used in the banner to play on this recognition process.

Since the banner will be hung on the overhang over the entrance, the background for the banner will be black, so that it will easily stand out from the orange roof. The text will match the orange that is used throughout the interior and the graphics for the sign will be in white.

The phrase, "Grand Opening" will be placed in the center of the banner, in a large font that can be easily seen from the road. To draw attention to this text, a bright yellow edging will be used around the letters in a starburst design. This will create more visual appeal and attract more attention.

The secondary text will be located at the top of the banner and will display the name of the restaurant. Again, this shows the use of branding, by using not only the colors for the restaurant, but its well known name.

Since this restaurant is famous for its pies and lunches, these items will be carried onto the banner. Small graphics of pie wedges and sandwiches will be placed in various locations on the banner.

Now that all of the elements have been selected, they can be assembled on the banner and the restaurant can prepare to display their new sign. Since it will be hung on the roof, they will need to purchase strong brackets that can be attached to the surface of the roof securely.

A strong rope will used to hang the banner and will be attached to the brackets on the roof. This will prevent the sign from falling or blowing away if severe weather hits the area.