New Restaurant Products

When a restaurant is ready to debut new products, adding large and small banners at various locations around their building is a great way to attract attention. These signs can be used to effectively promote these new items, as well as interesting new customers to give the restaurant a try.

This example will illustrate how a restaurant can design and use several different banners to promote their new items. By using several signs, the restaurant will be able to maximize their advertising potential.

This restaurant specializes in Asian cuisine. There are getting ready to debut a new line of dinners that will be priced to beat their competitors selections. It is important for the restaurant to mention these prices in their banners to take advantage of the extra advertising their signs will provide. Many customers can be induced to try a new restaurant, simply because the prices are good.

The background for the banner will be in a vibrant red color. Specialty fonts will be used in white to reflect the Asian cuisine. These fonts will be Asian inspired and easy to read from a distance. This use of a decorative font is a great way to add visual interest to a sign while still keeping the overall design simple.

The prices for the items will be displayed in black, to create a contrast with the rest of the text. This will help the viewer separate the information easily and will draw more attention to the special prices.

Now that the colors have been selected, it is time to start assembling the banner. The name of the restaurant will also be in black and will be displayed at the top of the banner. The phrase, "New Specialty Dinners" will be displayed in white text in the center and flanked by the prices in black.

Small graphics to represent these dishes will be used in the four corners of the banner. This will further assist the viewer in instantly determining what the sign is promoting. Many people are visual and prefer pictures to create associations with the text of a sign.

Now that the main banner has been completed, the restaurant will design smaller signs that will each be devoted to one new dish. This will allow them to feature each dish on its own merits. Actual pictures of the dishes will be displayed in full color and in large detail. The backgrounds for these smaller signs will be in white, to let the pictures stand out. Supporting price text will be displayed in black, using the specialty font that was used in the large banner.

These signs will be placed inside the restaurant, near the front entrance. Since there are only four new dishes, it will be easy to display all four signs without crowding the entrance area. The large banner will be hung outside, over the door to the building.