The New Spring Line

Vinyl banners are an effective way to advertise specific products or types of products throughout the year. This example will show how a company could use a vinyl banner to display sale information about their new spring line of clothes that have just arrived. Everything from the design phase to actual implementation will be illustrated.

This company is a small clothing store that is located in a strip mall, next to a busy grocery store. This location gives the store the opportunity of attracting a great many customers. Since this store already has a large customer base, the main focus of this banner will be to attract new customers.

The new spring line of clothes includes t-shirts, dresses, rain jackets and other apparel. These items must be included in the banner to effectively promote the entire spring line and get customers thinking of what they need for spring. Since this is a spring sale, winter is the best time to design and order the sign so that the store will be ready to launch the sale on time.

Actual pictures of the products will not need to be used, since the sale is a general sale of the entire spring line. Simple line graphics of the products mentioned above will be used throughout the sign. This makes the sign somewhat more economical and gives the store the ability to order a simple two or three color sign instead of a full color sign.

The main text of the banner's message is that the new spring line has arrived and all of these items are 10% off. Of course, this message is far too long to display on a banner, so it will need to be honed down. The store decides upon "New Spring Arrivals - 10% Off." This message will be displayed in the center of the banner in large, bold print.

The colors of the sign should reflect the season. A blue pastel background will be used and the text will be in a darker blue that is easily visible. The accent colors will be pink, green and yellow. The graphics will be displayed in these colors. By selecting colors that people automatically associate with spring, half of the work that the sign needs to accomplish is done by the color choice.

Now that the design elements have been decided upon, they will need to be assembled on the banner. The graphics should be placed at various locations around the anchor text. It is important that the store not use too many graphics, or they will detract from the actual message of the banner. Care should be paid to make sure that the sign is balanced to avoid visual disturbance.

The sign is now complete and the store will need to decide where to display their new sign. As we mentioned earlier, the store is located in a mini mall. This gives the store the ability to hang their sign on the roof at the entrance to their location, where the people who are shopping at the grocery store and passing by will easily spot it. Any additional signs that may be needed, such as smaller vinyl banners or lettering can be used throughout the store to support the main message of the large banner.