Finding the Perfect Location For Your Sign

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After you have purchased your new sign, you will need to decide where you will position it at your location. We offer three different types of signs, aluminum, Aluma Lite and vinyl. Each sign will require a different type of placement.

Aluminum Sign Placement

Our aluminum signs feature a variety of different ways to display your message. If you plan to use your sign for directional purposes, the sign should be placed near the entrance to your location. For example, if you run an apartment complex and wish to direct people back to your office, your aluminum sign could be attached to a pole at the entrance to the complex.

If you are using your aluminum sign for informational use, it should be placed in a prominent location. For example, if your sign is going to be used to display your business hours, or specific information about your business, it should be placed near the doors of your location. You can also use a pole to display your sign by the front entrance, or at the street level.

Aluma Lite Sign Placement

Our Aluma Lite signs are much larger than our aluminum signs and are normally placed on the roof or side of a business. These signs should be placed where the majority of people passing by your location can easily view your message. It is a good idea to line up your sign first, and then view it from several different angles to make sure that you have selected the best location.

You can also hang your sign on the side of your building to attract people that may not be passing in the front of your location. Using more than one sign ensures that more people will be able to view your message and you can take advantage of prevailing traffic that would otherwise miss seeing your business.

Other uses for our Aluma Lite signs include large road-side displays. This type of sign can be located right on the road next to your business, in a prominent location to attract the most traffic.

Vinyl Sign Placement

Vinyl signs offer greater freedom of placement at your location. You can elect to hang your new sign on a wall, to draw attention to a specific area of your business, or across the front of your location. Typically, vinyl signs are used to announce special events, openings or sales.

Your vinyl sign should be hung in an area that will attract the most attention. It is a good idea to figure out where the majority of your traffic passes by and then select this location for the display of your sign.