Permanent or Temporary - Choosing the Right Sign

The very nature of a seasonal sign means that it will only be used during certain times of the year. However, you will be able to select the material for your sign that will allow you to get more use of this sign. Depending on your actual needs, you may be able to design one banner that will last you through several years of use.

Here are some tips on how to decide if a permanent sign or a temporary sign is right for your needs.

How detailed is your message? This is often the stumbling block for creating a banner that can be re-used. If you run seasonal sales that do not fall on the same dates every year, you may find yourself re-ordering a sign each time the event rolls around. In this case, a permanent sign is not a good idea.

However, if you are able to display a generic message, or your event is always held through the same date span, a vinyl banner or a small aluminum sign will work quite well. This is a very important point to consider when selecting the material for your sign.

Where will you be displaying your seasonal sign? If you need to display a sign outdoors, you will need to take into account the weather conditions for your area. For example, if your store is in a location that frequently receives a lot of wind, a vinyl banner may not hold up as long as an aluminum sign would.

Vinyl banners are made to withstand sun, water and to a certain extent, wind, but severe conditions can weaken the strongest banner.

If your sign will be displayed in a sheltered area, or inside, you will have more room to make your choice. In this case, a vinyl banner will work quite well and still hold up through the years.

How much can your sign budget withstand? If your store is on a budget, you may be limited in your choices for sign material. In this case, vinyl lettering can be a cost-effective alternative. However, the downside to vinyl lettering is that it cannot be re-used. Although it is easy to install and arrange, once you remove it, you will need to purchase additional lettering if you wish to display the same message again in the future.

If your company can afford a little bit more for a sign, a vinyl banner is the next step up. These banners are typically just as useful as permanent signs and allow you the ability to easily put up and remove them during sales or specific times of the year.

In the event that your store has a large budget for signs, a permanent sign made of aluminum may be more cost effective over time. These signs will last for several years and will smaller signs can be easily moved around or displayed in sign frames.

It is important to first consider what your actual needs are, as well as what your location will support before deciding on the right material for your sign.