Picking the Right Product to Promote

If your sales are slumping, the addition of a product banner can be very helpful. However, it can be difficult to pick just one product. The product you select will need to be strong enough to increase your sales and appeal to a wide variety of consumers. Here are some helpful tips when you need to select the right product for your banner.

Find your strongest seller. If you have one stellar product, this is the product that should be used on your banner. The only risk you run with this tactic is experiencing market saturation. A strong product that posts consistent numbers is a great choice for your banner.

Pick a newer product. If you have a brand new product, a banner can effectively promote this product to your customers. A new product should appeal to a wide variety of consumers, making it a sound choice.

Weigh the season. If you have a product that posts better numbers at certain times of the year, this is an important consideration. You can increase your sales during these seasons by advertising your products more heavily with banners.

Does the product photograph well? This is a consideration that is typically overlooked. Not all of your products will look their best in a photograph. If you have a product that is complicated in design or is not necessarily attractive, this is not a good choice for a banner. Instead, pick a different product that will look better on your sign.

Size is another important consideration when it comes to the final graphic for your banner. If your product is quite large, it may not look as well if it is sized down to fit your banner. Conversely, small product can easily be enlarged to show detail, but it is a good idea to include text that mentions the enlargement to avoid any misunderstandings with your customers.

How useful is the product? A product with a narrow appeal is not a good choice for a banner. Try to select a product that is useful for many people and is not necessarily geared towards one gender or another. The exception to this rule would be during gift giving seasons, where people may need extra help finding the perfect gift for someone else.

Check your stock. If you have a product that has limited availability, it would not be a good choice to use on your banner. This is particularly important for an item that cannot be reordered. You would be wasting your money on a sign that could not be used again. Instead, go through your inventory, using the criteria above, and find the product that fits these guidelines and has more than enough stock.

These are just a few considerations. Your business may require different tactics or use of banners. However, this advice is general in nature and should be of use for the majority of companies.