Picking the Right Type of Sign

It can be difficult to decide what type of sign is right for your promotion. There are many different options and each has specific upsides and drawbacks. This example of how a sample company can select the sign that will work for them can assist you in making the same decision for your own company.

Our sample company is a shoe store that specializes in athletic shoes. They are located on a busy street in the middle of the business district. The surrounding stores are not competitors, but their buildings overwhelm the store in size and location. This fact will be used when deciding which type of banner is best for the little shoe store.

Since the store is physically small and does not stand out from the surrounding buildings, a sign that is large enough to attract attention will need to be used. However, the available space for the display of the banner limits this to some extent. Finally, the store decides that a large banner, displayed across the front of the store's window is the best solution for their needs.

This location will allow them to appeal not only to traffic, but also to pedestrians walking past the store. If a banner is displayed on the roof or an overhang, typically, people who are walking along the sidewalk may not be able to see it.

This decision was made after careful consideration of the type of traffic the store normally receives. Since the ratio of sales from people who were driving past is equal to the amount of sales from people who are pedestrians, the decision will appeal to everyone.

In the event that your store has more customers that are driving past, a sign that can be easily seen from the road would be more important. Conversely, if the majority of sales come from people walking past, a sign that is displayed at their eye level would work best.

Now, the store will need to decide how to effectively design this type of banner for their store. Since the banner is large, there will be more space to display their message, and more opportunity to add graphics to visually enhance the sign.

The color selection is also important when deciding what type of banner will be used. Colors that may work on a smaller scale may not be as attractive when displayed in a large sign. For example, a small neon orange sign may not be as offensive to the eye as an enormous eye-searing banner.

After careful consideration, and weighing the above options, the shoe store has decided on a large banner, that will be tastefully colored and hung in a spot where the majority of potential customers will be able to easily spot it.