Promotional Banners in Action

Designing a promotional banner can be stressful, particularly if you have never taken this step before. Here is an example of a hypothetical company who needs to design a promotional banner to promote a new product. We'll illustrate each step that the company will need to take on the road to success.

This company sells stationary and pens. This type of business is limited in appeal, but usually picks up during the holidays. This means that in order to effectively promote a product, it will need to be something that works well as a gift. The company decides to use one of their most popular products, a complete set of stationary for their promotional product. This set includes paper, envelopes and note cards.

Now that the initial step has been taken care of, the company can move on to the design phase. They decide to use a picture that displays the stationary in use, with an envelope and a note card included in the image. An ornate pen will also be included that is available from the same store. This is a great way to tie in two different products on the same banner.

The color scheme for this banner will coordinate well with the stationary itself. The company decides to use the same color palette from the stationary to avoid clashing and creating a visual disturbance. The text on the banner will be in black, to clearly get the point of the sign across.

The main background of the stationary will be one solid color, and a full-color photograph will be used for the center graphic. The informational text will be placed in the space that is remaining at the top and bottom of the banner. In the bottom right corner, the price of the item will be displayed.

Now that the design of the banner has been roughed out, the company puts it all together in a graphic file. This step requires a little extra time to make sure that all of the elements work well together and paint the proper picture.

Once the banner design is finalized, it is now time for the company to decide where they will place their banners, and how many they will need. This company, since it is a specialty store, has decided to use several banners, to increase their chances of getting noticed.

One banner will be placed outside of the entrance to the store. This banner will be taken back inside each night, but will be displayed prominently throughout the day. The second banner will be displayed near the actual product. This will help potential shoppers to remember the sign they saw on the exterior and will remind them to purchase it. A final banner will be placed near the check-out counter as a final reminder to the customer.

This is just one example of how a promotional banner can easily be implemented with great success. Take some time to brainstorm to see what you can come up with for your business.