Promotional Banners

Promotional banners are a great tool for stores. They can be used in a variety of different ways to effectively promote merchandise. If you are interested in using this type of banner, but you're not sure how you can implement it in your store, here is an example of how a company can use a promotional banner to promote a specific product. This example features the use of several small banners to maximize success.

Our hypothetical store sells sporting goods and this month is dedicated to promoting golf clubs. The peak of golf season is about a month away and it is important to get this sale underway with a bang. In order to accomplish this, the company is going to use banners to promote their golf clubs.

Since this is a large store, several banners will be used. There are many different departments in this sporting goods store and the golf section is located in an area that is not in the normal flow of traffic. Instead of rearranging the entire store to promote one product, banners will be used to direct customers to the golf area.

In order to keep costs low, one design will be used for these banners. This means that the banner will need to be designed well, to get the message across effectively. The selection of graphics is pivotal since all of the marketing eggs are going into one proverbial basket. The message that will be displayed on the sign is also very important.

Since the promotion is for golf clubs, the store will need to decide whether to use actual pictures of the clubs, or to go with a design that features a golf course and people in action. This is not any easy choice and will depend on the customers that visit this store. Are they golfers by nature, who will easily associate a serene golf course scene, or do they need to be shown the actual clubs?

Our sporting goods store decides to go with pictures of actual clubs. Since many brands are on sale, the store has decided to feature the clubs that are the least expensive. This method will get the customer hooked first on price, and then introduce them to higher ticket items once the reach the golf area of the store.

A full color picture is placed in the center of the banner and the supporting sales text is added above the graphic. The sign should be well balanced and in colors that are easy to read. Since the theme is golf, hues of green, white and blue will be used.

Now that the banner design is complete, the actual placement of the banners can begin. One banner will be located at the entrance of the store to alert customers to the sale. Supporting banners will be displayed in areas of the store that are devoted to outdoor sports. This method allows you to attract customers who are used to engaging in outdoor activities. For example, a customer that is interested in ping pong, may not be interested in golf, where as an outdoorsman will be more likely to visit the golfing area. Another sign will be located directly in front of the golf area and will serve as the center of their advertising wheel.