Picking the Right Material for Church

When your church has decided that it needs to include a sign, whether to serve as an informational or promotional sign, it is important to decide what material will be best to use. There are three different types of signs that you can purchase; such as aluminum or alumalite, permanent vinyl banners and temporary vinyl lettering. When you are making this choice, it is important to weigh how the sign will be used and how long you will need to use the sign.

Permanent: Aluminum or Aluma-Lite

This type of sign works well for outdoor use. Informational and directional signs are typically made of this material. They will hold up well to the elements and do not have the risk of being torn in the wind like vinyl banners. If your church is located in a windy area, this type of sign may be the best one for your needs.

These signs will require a permanent installation method, such as being affixed to a post that has been driven into the ground, or on the surface of your building. Typically, once these signs are installed, they are not moved until it is absolutely necessary.

Vinyl Banners

These banners, both large and small, have a number of different uses. If you are planning on having an event in your church that you would like to promote, or you need a sign that is easily transported, this type of sign will work well.

Vinyl banners are made to withstand most elements, but can be subject to tearing in extreme winds. If your area does not have excessive wind or storms, this type of sign can replace a more permanent material and save your church the expense of purchasing an aluminum sign.

Vinyl Lettering

If you only need a temporary solution, or if you do not have the ability to display a large banner, vinyl lettering can provide you with a quick and easy solution to setting up a sign. These letters are easy to install and can be placed on just about any surface, such as a window or a door. These letters hold up well and resist fading, making them acceptable for outdoor use.

Lettering is typically used to promote a single event, or to display hours of services. They can perform the same task as a permanent sign, without the investment that is necessary for a more durable material. If you take care of your lettering, or install it indoors, it should last a very long time.

Each material has specific uses and benefits. Before selecting your final choice, make sure to pick the one that will work well for you.