The Right Size for Your Sports Banner

If you are using a banner to display information about a sporting event, or a sport's team, it is important to select the right size. This is commonly determined by the way in which you intend to display your sign and the space that you have to work with. We'll cover some important considerations to keep in mind when you are selecting the size banner you will need to use.

How big is the area for your sign? If you have a small venue, a large banner may be too much. You will need to consider how crowded the area is as well. A crowded area with too many signs, equipment or clutter can be made to feel even more crowded with a large, bulky banner. A smaller, square banner works very well in tight places and is easy to move very quickly. If you have a large area with plenty of empty space, a large, wide banner can be easily hung in there.

What is the other team using? If your competition has a large, eye-catching banner and you are using a smaller sign, it may give the impression to the fans that you are not as successful. It important to find out what the majority of your competition is using for their signs. You can then order your banner accordingly. If your competitors have a mix, you may want to order two signs to meet your needs.

How can you display your sign? Not all sporting venues will offer the ability to hang a large banner. You may be restricted to a sign that can easily be displayed in a small, portable frame. However, if you have the ability to transport two weighted poles with brackets, you may be able to go with a larger banner.

What is the name of your team? Something as simple as the name of your team may determine how large or small your banner should be. If your team has a long name, it should not be squished into a little sign. Conversely, a team with a short name should not have a banner that dwarfs their name. Try several different layouts to see which type of sign will work best for your team.

What graphics do you need to include? After text comes the importance of your team's logo. If it is a large logo, or a complicated design, a large banner may display this more adequately. Again, try to include your design in several mock-ups using different sizes until you find the best one.

What kind of venue is it? If your events are held outdoors, you will need to buy a sign that is made out of durable fabric that will withstand the elements. This typically means a vinyl banner that will hold up to wind, rain and sun. If you go with a lesser sign and use it outside, you may have to purchase a replacement frequently. If your venues are indoors, this means that you have more options when selecting the type of fabric for your sign.

Is bigger really better? Many times, a large sign is associated with success. If you have the space, and all of the elements mentioned above fit with your requirements, go for a large size banner. You won't be disappointed.