School PTA Meetings

Most schools have a parent teacher association that meets at regular intervals throughout the school year. It is important to advertise these meetings, as well as give directions to where the meeting will be held. This can be accomplished using just one sign, by designing a vinyl banner that can be used for many years to come. Here is an example of how a school can use a vinyl banner to fulfill this purpose.

Vinyl banners can be more beneficial than permanent signs, or signs that are hastily made out of regular paper. They will last through several years and offer the ability to hang the sign in many different locations. They can be easily moved, stored, and re-hung whenever they are needed.

This school will be using a banner to display the times of PTA meetings and the location where they will be held. Since these meetings are scheduled on the 2nd Monday of each month, during the regular school year, actual dates will not need to be used, increasing the life and use of the banner.

These meetings are always held at 8pm, in the conference room, making it easier for the designer to create a sign that can be easily reused.

Keeping this in mind, the designer will have an idea of what will need to be displayed on the sign. The sign should be easy to read, from several angles in the school parking lot. This means that particular care should go towards selecting the right color scheme for the banner.

A white background is selected, and navy blue text will be used. The main message, "PTA Meeting" will be in a larger font, and will be placed in the center of the banner. The supporting messages will be placed above and below this main message. In this case, the phrase, "Held on the 2nd Monday of each Month at 8pm" will be placed above the main message, and the phrase, "Join us in the Conference Room," will be placed below.

This positioning of the text allows for additional graphics to be used on the sign. These graphics will be related to the school, and can include everything from the school's mascot, to school related graphics, such as apples, books and rulers. These graphics will be placed on the sides of the text, and equally weighted on both sides.

Once the banner is completed, it will be hung outside of the school entrance, across the roof at the entryway. This location will make it easy to spot, even from the parking lot and will encourage people to notice it. It will be hung using ropes and brackets so that it can be easily removed and re-hung once the meeting is completed.

In this case, the banner should be hung one week before the event and then removed after the meeting is completed.